A crisis has a way of challenging our faith. When we run out of money, encounter physical disease, go through relational separation, or even are persecuted for our beliefs, we can be shaken to the core. The Gospel of Mark was written to such believers in Rome. They encountered trials and tribulations of various kinds. Mark sets forth a view of Jesus in his Gospel as the Suffering Servant, and the Son of Man who can be trusted, followed and embraced when we encounter our own trials. In uncertain times, Jesus continues to speak and act in our lives and liberates us in the midst of life’s storms.

First Missionary Church is called to “disciple the nations.” We exist to help you discover the full life that Jesus offers and to equip you to reach others with His love.

FMC desires to be a community where you can find spiritual healing and wholeness, where all are equipped and trained for service, and where all are encouraged to participate in meaningful ministry in the world where God has placed them.

Welcome to First Missionary Church

We invite you to join us each week at 9AM for Sunday School (all ages), followed by our Celebration Worship Service at 10:30AM.

We have a variety of ministries available for all ages, and an emphasis on small groups.

Come Worship With Us!

The purpose of First Missionary Church centers in the person and work of Jesus Christ. We have been called to unite in obedience to Him and to grow in His likeness, in order to express His life in the world. We exist to Celebrate our life in Christ, to Cultivate personal growth in Christ and to Care for one another in Christ, in order to Communicate Christ to our world.

A welcome message from Pastor Bob Martin