At FirstMC we believe that every one of us is called to be a missionary right where we are. We know that as a church there is no shortage of wonderful ways in which we could reach out in love to those in our neighborhood, and we also know that we can’t possibly do them all, no matter how great the idea. That is where Project: Revolution is here to bridge the gap.

For the months of October, November, and December, we are starting this new initiative. We want to hear how God is calling you to genuinely love your neighbors, and then we want to empower YOU to fulfill the mission God has laid on your heart. You tell us your idea and what it would take to achieve it whether it is volunteers, donations, a space to work in, or whatever, and we will partner with you as best as we can. For those of you who don’t want to lead a mission, you can sign up as a missionary to join in the ones that you feel called to.

Help us to project love to those around us through Project: Revolution.

Current Missions:

The Mission:Mission Date:Missionary Leader:
Holidays for the Erhardt Family
The father died leaving behind an expectant wife and four kids and we’d like to bless them. There is a tree outside the sanctuary doors with tags of gifts to be purchased for this family. Please take a tag, purchase the item, and bring the wrapped gift to church.
All purchased gifts returned to church by Sunday, December 5Sherry Benevich
Mentoring Moms Christmas Party
Mentoring Moms is a ministry led by Dianne Stitzer of FMC that offers care and support to women in need. We want to throw a party including games, a simple craft, a short devotional, refreshments, prizes, and fun for women attending Mentoring Moms. We want to spend time with them sharing the love of Christ.
Thursday, December 9 from 5 to 7:20 PM at 1213 St. Mary’s AveCindy Steury
The Chosen Christmas Special
Family friendly Christmas event for the community. Invite mailers, FB, word of mouth. FirstMC folks bring Christmas cookies to share. Have someone lead us in a couple of Carols, and play the Chosen Christmas episode (~20 min). Gospel message to close, a prayer, and verse of a carol or something.
Volunteers for music, sound, cookies/drinks, etc.
Friday, December 17 at 7 PMSamantha Derby
Christmas Bags for the homeless
Fill 50 bags with goodies for the homeless. THINGS TO PUT IN THE BAGS (50 needed of each item):
peppermint candies
breakfast/nutrition bars
Gospel of John
home made cookies (2-3 in a ziplock bag)
cough drops
peanut butter crackers (Big Lots is a great place for these and more)
notepads and pens
Christmas card
hand warmers
cough drops
warm/wintry/thick socks
Bags filled and ready to be handed out by Saturday, December 18Pastor Brian Gerig
Church & Community Garden
Plan now, but plant in spring
Michelle Lopez
Soup – ER
Collecting cans of soup
January to FebruarySherry Benevich
Worship Dance Class
A safe place to come to learn how to confidently worship through dance.
Allison Cwanek
Chalk Squad
Meet and go together as a group to various homes to decorate specific people’s driveways/front walks with chalk. Spend time praying about what each family needs to hear and then write Bible verses and notes of encouragement.
SaturdaysTorilinn Cwanek

Below is a form for you to submit your mission that you want to lead.

Below is a form for you to sign up to join a mission as a missionary. New missions are being added regularly, so if you don’t see one that works for you now, please check back later!