What is PrayerWorks?

God has been moving and working in Fort Wayne for years to orchestrate a 24/7 prayer room which has found a home in the newly opened Electric Works. This prayer room is called PrayerWorks and has been open since the beginning of 2023. You can find out more by going to their website at https://prayerworksfw.com/ or follow them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/PrayerWorksFW/.

How is FirstMC involved?

FirstMC will be the host on Thursday, March 30 from 6 AM to midnight. We need two people per 2-hour time slot, and you are welcome to sign up for multiple time slots. The sign up sheet will be sent out via email to all our members and regular attenders. For those who do not use email, please call the church office at (260) 745-4994 to schedule with Amy Nussa. We will also have a corporate time of worship that day from 7 to 8 AM and 7 to 8 PM. Even if you do not sign up as a host, we hope you stop by at some point!

What does this entail?

Hosts are agreeing to pray during that time, greet people who come into the room, and be available to pray with anyone that occasionally may request it.

One of the main roles of hosts in the room is to greet people as they come in. People who come into the room for the first time may not know what to do. A simple greeting as people come into the door and guiding them to the welcome station will help them feel more at ease. The Welcome Station will give them an explanation of the prayer room and layout. As host, we ask that you receive guests in whatever way is most meaningful to them. Some may wish to interact and be prayed over, while others may prefer solitude or privacy as they pray. Please be sensitive to and respectful of the needs of anyone who comes in to pray. As host of the Prayer Room, we ask that you ensure the Core Values of the room are upheld. This includes maintaining an atmosphere conducive to meeting God’s presence, maintaining unity as a body of diverse believers who are rooted in gospel truth, and maintaining God-honoring prayer during your allotted time.

Parking Information

PrayerWorks is located on the Electric Works campus off of Dynamo Alley in Building 26. If you have not been on the Electric Works campus, you will want to arrive early. There are several places to park on campus (note the highlighted circles) with a few two hour and handicap spaces along Dynamo alley–which is where PrayerWorks is located. Also, these spaces will be open for the late night hosts (10 pm and 11 pm). Please be aware, the first two hours are free in any of the paid lots, including the parking garage, with a fee starting on hour 3. There is free street parking along Broadway (if available) or across Broadway at McCulloch Park.

To get to PrayerWorks from:
Wall Street Lot: Walk straight down the sidewalk onto Dynamo Alley to PrayerWorks
Swinney Lot: go through the Forum (open 9 am- 5pm Mon-Thurs) which comes out to Dynamo Alley or
you may need to go around Building 27 to Dynamo Alley
Union Garage: comes out to a walkway where you can go through Union Street Market (Building 20/22)
during open hours or go around the side of the Market which also brings you out to Dynamo Alley.
Take a right to come down to PrayerWorks.