Fort Wayne Terrible Orchestra

September 11 – November 13 

Monday nights (except Sunday, November 5 and 13), 7 to 9 PM $70.00

Concert on Monday, November 13
Debra Graham, Founder and Director, violist with the Fort Wayne Philharmonic, and Adj. Professor Indiana Wesleyan strings


About Fort Wayne Terrible Orchestra

Founded in 2018, the group was modeled after the Scottish Really Terrible Orchestra, a group of adults who had some training in instruments but just wanted to play together as an orchestra for fun.  The group took off in popularity and many other “terrible groups” were formed all over the world for those who wanted to play their instrument again with others. 

Our aim:  to give as close to an orchestra experience as possible, to make friends, to grow, to enjoy playing, to have a concert experience.  The benefits to playing in a group are too many to count! We love how music creates community.

You are encouraged to find that instrument you played in high school or middle and play again with us. If you need help finding an instrument again, there are several stores in town that will rent.  The best experience is if you have at least 2-3 years on your instrument.

We meet Monday nights at 7 PM for a 10 week sessions. You can find out more by going to:  fwterribleorchestra.comOur current session starts September 11 and runs until November 13, when we will have a concert!

The Fort Wayne Terrible Orchestra will have its Fall Concert right here at FirstMC on Monday, November 13 in the Fellowship Hall. Deb Graham leads this group of community members who are playing their instruments for enjoyment. The concert is free, so please come and show your support to this wonderful group as they endeavor to play some beautiful music for everyone.

About Debra Graham, Founder and Director

Debra Graham founded the Terrible Orchestra in Fort Wayne to provide a special group for those who perhaps did not have extensive training or were very rusty in their skills.  She graduated from Wheaton College and Indiana University in performance, has been a full time member of the Fort Wayne Philharmonic for over 30 years and has taught all ages longer than that!  She loves gardening and sewing in addition to music and also has a working string group, Graham Quartets, that does weddings and events.  She is married to Bruce, also a violist with the Philharmonic.