Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.

James 4:8

Being intentional to fellowship with the Lord – be it while working, resting, playing, serving, mourning, laughing, coming, going, planning, doing, learning, teaching, waiting, eating, drinking – is never a waste of time, energy, thought or talent. It is the abundant life to abide in Christ. It is a life constant in prayer.

Prayer, simply put, is talking to God, but it implies a two way conversation where we are not only actively sharing our hearts, but actively listening as well. Pastor Erwin Lutzer says it this way, “The purpose of prayer isn’t so much to get answers from the Almighty, as it is to have fellowship with the Almighty. Although we come to the Lord occupied with our need, we must leave off occupied with our God.”

At First Missionary Church, we want to be known as a praying church – a church who intentionally seeks to abide in the Lord. As a church, we want to stay dependent on prayer, but sickness and weather can make it difficult to organize a churchwide Prayer Walk & Drive. Instead of rescheduling, we are providing a guide for you to use with your family, friends, or groups.

FirstMC Prayer Walk & Driving Guide

What is Prayer Walking?

Prayer walking is exactly what the words imply: walking and praying. Prayer walking has been described as “praying on-site with insight.” When you hear the sounds and see the sights of a particular place, you understand better how to pray for the people in that location.1

How should I Prayer Walk?

  • Be Sensitive to the Holy Spirit
  • Pray in Pairs, Group, Silently, Aloud
  • Look for someone to pray with or for

If you prefer to drive, consider these local schools to circle:

Fairfield + South Wayne + Harrison Hill + South Side

  • Teachers/Staff
  • Students
  • Safety

What should I pray?2

  • Pray God will bring hope and light driving out any darkness
  • Pray for health and safety
  • Pray for the raising of children and grandchildren
  • Choose a scripture and pray it as you walk. – Colossians 4:2-6

BLESSing Your Neighbors – Pray 5 minutes a day, for 5, for 5 weeks!3

  • Body – Pray for their Health
  • Labor – Pray for their Job
  • Emotions – Pray for their Mental Health
  • Social – Pray for their Friendships and Family
  • Spiritual – Pray God will Prepare Hearts for a Spiritual Conversation

Church Building – Ask a friend to join you or use as a family activity!

  • Sanctuary – Pray through the pews for renewal and revival; Worship
  • Children’s Wing – Pray for volunteers/more children to come to Jesus
  • Staff Offices – Pray for wisdom, protection, strength, and health
  • Fellowship Hall – Terrible Orchestra, Senior Fellowship, Group Leaders
  • Missionary Bulletin Board – Pray for Open Doors, Hearts, and Mouths

Stretch Yourself – Ask God what He wants you to See or Do?

Offer to Pray for Someone you See or Send a Card to a House/School


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